May 21, 2023


I had the opportunity to teach a sales and marketing team about Star Matrix thinking in a 15 minute call. In this recording of the live event you can learn the basic protocol of Star Matrix thinking and change the way you approach your life experiences forever.

Your life history is full of Star moments, happy memories of when you have felt a full body sensation that may of been joy, success, awe and wonder. These memories are so rich in information and can guide us to creating new neural pathways to attract many more Star moments in our life.

Is looking at your life as something magical that goes way beyond trauma of interest to you?

If so then consider the Star Matrix Professional 3 day training that revolutionises the way we approach solving life problems. No longer do we consider ourselves or our clients to be a giant, complicated labyrinth of walking trauma, but instead, we already know what we and they really are - Star Beings in essence.

For more information, please contact me.

About the Author

I am an educator.

I love being in front of an audience, whether its online or in person, sharing the many truths I have come to learn. There is nothing more thrilling than a client coming to me seeking change. When I tune in to their desires, I see an endless number of pathways that they can take, all leading towards a blueprint of their best selves.

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