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Energy Workshop May 2023 – Creating a Life of Joy


Includes the video recording, a PDF of the slides and session notes

In this session I cover the following:

  • Connecting with nature and specifically the animal kingdom is an easy route to feel more joy in our lives. In this workshop I show you how to invite a conversation with a power animal through your SuperMind to feel Joy as a creative, life-force energy.
  • I guide you to think about a Star Memory of when, as a child you felt joy, delight, awe and wonder. An exhilarating woo hoo feeling and I show you how to embody that feeling in the here and now so that your energy system is guided to receive more Joy.
  • To remind ourselves to embody joy, I share some affirmations you can say every day.
  • The Wealth Creator Exercise is called ‘What Can I do Today?’ and it is to remind us to do more of what we enjoy doing!

We finish with a Power Tapping Round to create more joy in our lives by embodying a childlike curiosity of awe and wonder and to finish this workshop in the most joyful way possible.