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Energy Workshop September 2023 – Harmonious Relationships


Includes the video recording, a PDF of the slides and session notes

In this session we look at creating Harmonious Relationships.

The workshop begins with understanding the energy dynamics of people. We are constantly interacting and reacting with people and if there is one thing that is sure to rattle our equilibrium, it is people energy.

The first person to have a harmonious relationship with is, of course, ourselves! I am sure we all know that self-care is very important. In this first exercise, I explain about the power of words. We look at receiving an energy that you would think would be easy, but for some can find it exceptionally hard.

One thing is certain – we cannot change other people, no matter how hard we try. The only thing we do have control over, or have the power to change, is ourselves. In our second exercise we will create a flow state on the behaviours that our loved ones exhibit that irritate us! “I love my partner (child/friend/family member), except when they do that!”

The Wealth Creator Exercise is called ‘Adding Benefits For Your Customers’ – or spreading the love and service energy.

To remind ourselves to tune into the energy of Harmonious Relationships, I share some affirmations you can say every day.

Lastly I finish with a SuperMind experience to celebrate the Autumn Equinox which was the day of recording the workshop, however, the exercise is about letting go of what does not serve us and building on a positive future. I believe it is a mediation experience to enjoy any time of the year.