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Energy Workshop June 2023 – Manifesting Material Desires


Includes the video recording, a PDF of the slides and session notes

In this session we look at different ways to manifest your desires.

In the first exercise you learn that manifesting is a combination of energy work and action. I invite you to answer some questions about about your beliefs around manifesting to see if you can uncover any known or previously unknown reversals that can block your success.

The second exercises uses the classic EMO technique of creating a ball of energy, called an erea, that represents what you want to manifest. I show you how to run that through your energy system, clear those blocks and limiting beliefs and then send it out to the universe to be delivered in the perfect time and space.

To remind ourselves of our manifesting abilities, I share some affirmations you can say every day.

The next major energy clearing is using the power of your SuperMind to enter a magic garden and locate your money tree. As you will discover, during this powerful visualisation exercise, your money tree has a wonderful surprise in store that will help you to manifest your hearts desires.

The Wealth Creator Exercise is called ‘How Much are you Worth?’ and we work our way through expanding and clearing our energy on ever increasing monthly income possibilities by power tapping on key energy points on the body so that we open ourselves to great opportunity and abundance.