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Energy Workshop July 2023 – Tapping Into Success


Includes the video recording, a PDF of the slides and session notes

In this session we look at tapping into your Success.

The aim of this workshop will be to create a miracle expansion of success where we can feel joy and fulfilment along the way.

Being successful is your birthright. How we perceive success is what can determine if we believe we are successful or not.

The first exercise is a group discussion about the differences between masculine and feminine success. We create two very distinct thoughtforms that one might say are opposing forces. Using the energy technique called the Rainbow Connection we see what happens when we connect the two together and how that impacts our thoughts about success and leadership.

With the principle of ‘what got you here won’t get you there', the 2nd exercise uses Modern Energy Tapping to raise energy for something you've never done before. As we know, great success lives just outside the comfort zone! We look at the difference between a +3 energy state and a +5 energy state, which is potentially the biggest leap forward that can impact your life and ability for success every day.

To remind ourselves to tune into success, I share some affirmations you can say every day.

The Wealth Creator Exercise is called ‘You're Great!’ I invite you to do some journaling on key questions to draw out a positive perspective of yourself.

Finally we end the session with evoking a powerful gift from your SuperMind. The gift that only you have to give for your future success.