We all know that Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) and sub-related conditions are a big problem for many people. In fact, heart disease is the number 1 cause of death in the world.

If you've got the tell-tale sign of high blood pressure, then in a way that is a gift because you can take action. There are hundreds of thousands of people walking around with no clue that they are at high risk, perhaps not until the fatal heart attack.

If you don't have high blood pressure, why should you care? And further, why should you care that during the gut reset it includes a supplement to open and expanding your blood vessels?

Quite simply, your blood and its associated pathways is your physical lifeforce. It delivers nutrients and oxygen and takes away waste and it keeps your body fresh and able to heal rather than stagnant. Think of stagnant water in a pond rather than a clear flowing babbling brook.

The business end of your blood vessels is your capillaries, and they are microscopically thin. These arteries can block with fat and plaque far easier than the big trunk arteries. However, this is the level we need to clear as these arteries access your individual cells.

ProArgi-9+ is an l-arginine based supplement. This special amino acid creates a molecule called Nitric Oxide. The miracle in your body is this very special molecule. Its role is to relax and widen (vasodilate) your arteries, keeping your arterial lining healthy and supporting the removal of fat and plaque.

Now imagine how many blood vessels that surround your intestines, ready to absorb the nutrients that you eat? It is incredibly important that, as part of the programme, I optimise your circulatory pathways to benefit from the healing power of your food.

Second to that, if you want your body to detoxify itself of harmful chemicals, you need ample blood supply to your cells that are supported by the micro vessels.

Any detox programme that doesn't have a circulation enhancer will not give you such deep results.

That is why my 30 day Purify programme contains this vital supplement.

Increased blood flow optimises your whole body from head to toe.

Take my free health check and see how you are faring from poor to very good on your key body systems.

You can take the health check by clicking this link - successwith/kim/health-check

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