August 17, 2022


I think of the Gut Microbiome as the primordial soup that was once the bogs and marshlands from which life emerged onto the land. Some of that essence of life lives on us and in us and provides us with a great service when it is in balance.

We go about our day not giving a passing thought to the trillions of co-inhabitors that walk, sleep, eat and live with us.

The age of the Microbe is upon us as many are realising as they struggle to come to terms with 21st century diseases such as IBS, obesity, auto-immune disorders, diabetes, heart disease, mental health and even spectrum disorders such as autism. This is but a small list of the many, many health concerns that originate in the glorious gut.

Is it time to get gutsy about addressing your gut health? I think so.

I have yet to come across anyone who hasn't benefited from resetting their gut for 30 days by focusing more on their microbes than their humanness.

About the Author

I am an educator.

I love being in front of an audience, whether its online or in person, sharing the many truths I have come to learn. There is nothing more thrilling than a client coming to me seeking change. When I tune in to their desires, I see an endless number of pathways that they can take, all leading towards a blueprint of their best selves.

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