Achieving success in anything first begins with knowing where you are at right now.

Sometimes that's an uncomfortable look at the cold hard facts. We had a family meeting along those lines last weekend.

From knowing where you are, you can begin to design your life towards the vision of where you want to be. Our family meeting became full of creative ideas and delivered many solutions of what we can change easily and swiftly.

With our health, the ostrich approach will eventually run out as the compound effect of our lifestyle choices takes over. Before you know it, you’ve succumbed to many of today’s common lifestyle diseases and are in the cycle of medication and more medication.

Today is always a good day to start. 

You can't change yesterday, and tomorrow is putting off the inevitable. Even small changes compound over time.

We designed this Health Check questionnaire to give you an idea of your nine key body systems and how they are functioning from Poor to Very Good.

Those systems are digestive, intestinal, circulatory, nervous, immune, respiratory, urinary, glandular and structural.

Give yourself 10 minutes today to take the quiz and see what areas need some more love and attention. Perhaps, through this group, we can guide each other to success in all areas.

You can take the health check by clicking this link - successwith/kim/health-check

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