Another great question today from someone starting the 21 day gut reset

"Morning Kim, is decaf tea allowed and a small amount of normal milk in it?"

Almond milk in tea is not the best

Here we go with what I hope will be another useful answer about detoxing

The program is not just about coming off caffeine but also an opportunity to evaluate our habits and behaviours.

It’s an opportunity to break down cycles of events.

Does a cup of tea often mean with a biscuit?

Does a coffee often become a cappuccino and a cake?

Is coffee being used as an opportunity to walk away from your desk and if so, why?

All these hidden gems are in our habits.It’s best to replace it all together with something else, like herbal tea, lemon and ginger in hot water, rooibus. It’s still a hot drink on a cold day but the taste profile doesn’t activate the same part of your brain.

Now if you do plan to stop or cut down caffeine with decaf, it’s important to know that not all decafs are created equal. You have water washed decaf which is more natural and involves the coffee beans being placed in vats and washed to remove the caffeine. Or you have chemical extraction decaf which uses a solvent called Methylene Chloride to bond with the caffeine molecule to extract it. You may also recognise this chemical as paint stripper!

So you see, in good attempts to cut down on toxicity, we can end up inadvertently throwing in more chemicals which your body will process if your gut and liver is in good shape, or it may store in fat and joint spaces if it can’t deal with it.

The exact opposite of what you want to achieve. 

The important message being - read the label.

Almost there - last part is the question about milk.

We only allow fermented dairy during the detox like natural yogurt, sour cream and some cheeses as they support your microbiome as pre and pro biotics.

Milk is not allowed and that’s because it’s highly processed (unless it’s raw) and because the lactose molecule in milk is basically milk sugar with no probiotic benefits.

During the 21 days we are aiming to drastically reduce processed foods and sugar because your unhelpful microbes love all that. So milk is off the menu.

Almond milk is acceptable providing it has basic ingredients - usually almonds, water and salt. It’s very easy to make your own and gives a lovely cream consistency. A lot cheaper too

Hope you have found the read useful and have a lovely day

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