My Sanctuary is an energy realm that my energy mind conjures up that enables me to experience myself as the magical being that I am. A magical being that we all are.

I requested a pod in my Sanctuary to speak to Galactic Beings and low and behold a few days later it was ready.

The pod sits at the foothills of some mountains and the outside is made of what looks like Mother of Pearl shell.  Patches of iridescence and fractals of light.

At the thought of going into this pod and meeting with unknown beings, who may or may not even be there, I felt I needed more bravery. I met with 2 spirit helpers and put on some armour. I felt protected and ready to embrace what was waiting beyond.

There were steps up to a door that slid open with a nice sound and inside was a feeling of benevolent love.  Immediately I felt no need for any armour, and it fell away.

Inside the pod was bench seats with pink cushions and pinkish lighting. There appeared to be a corridor with a toilet and a sense that down this corridor the pod extends to a huge space, like a Tardis that is bigger on the inside.

The Galactic’s seem to engage in telepathy as thoughts came to me at the same time as I was formulating the question.  Like “why a toilet?” was immediately met with “we wanted to create a feeling of comfort and familiarity for your humanness”.

The walls inside of the pod were fluid blue plasma and the Galactic Beings were not clearly in focus but seemed to be very tall and with a friendly and loving air about them.

The First Conversation

I proceeded to chat about my worries for humanity and also my concerns about where truth and falsehoods lie and if there really is some kind of spiritual warfare going on.

They said they understood my concerns and to know that there is a lot happening behind the scenes.  Things that will become clearer soon.  They confirmed that there is a Battle of Souls happening.

I asked what could I do to help? I don’t want to get involved in political or confrontational ways but what other ways can I make a difference?

They said to turn people toward positive emotions.  This is why I am drawn back to this path very precisely at this time.

I spoke about my courses and concerns about attracting people and how I didn’t want that to feel like hard work. That people will find me and come willingly.

They gave me a lamp, like a beacon, with alien writing to attract people to my work.  The lamp is plasma blue and tall, somewhat hourglass shaped and currently sits in its energy form on my desk.

I thanked the Galactic’s, and I seemed concerned about wasting their time. They said that time is not how we perceive it.  All things are everywhere.

The conversation felt like a natural conclusion at this point, and I exited, had a quick chat with my spiritual helpers and was left feeling like this is a relationship to develop and to think about what I want to know.

The Second Conversation

The second conversation with the Galactic’s was about my Purpose.  I wanted to know more about how I can help more people experience positive emotions and I felt like I wanted to say that I am here, in my 50th decade, wanting to live my purpose and be clear on what that is.

The Galactic’s said that our purpose is not a to do list to tick off in a lifetime.  It doesn’t work like that.

Our purpose is to experience ourselves consciously.

Simply asking yourself “What can I see, hear, smell, taste, touch and feel?”.  Being totally present and conscious of our thoughts, actions, and our energy.

I spoke about global situations and people’s current behaviour.

They said everyone has a boundary of what they consider to be right or wrong.  One man’s wrong is another man’s right.

By experiencing ourselves fully, our concepts and values change. Our view of the world changes. Our boundary changes.  Like a thief who decides he doesn’t want to be a thief anymore.  They have crossed a threshold shift where the right to them has now become wrong.

This is evolution.

Most people do not experience themselves consciously.


My reflections on this conversation are about the gifts of Modern Energy in that a +10 changes our boundary of right or wrong. It changes our concepts, values and what we are prepared to tolerate or not tolerate any longer.

The battle of the souls, as mentioned in the first conversation is that there is a thought field or entity (entities) that are de-evolving people.  In other words, what these people considered would be absolutely wrong, is now feeling right to them.  Their boundary is shrinking, and one could say they are moving down the Energy chart.

There are so many people paying large sums of money to find their purpose in this life when in fact our purpose is simply to experience consciously, choose consciously, live on the positive end of the Energy Chart and experience threshold shifts that move your boundary of right and wrong, and see that as your evolution. 

It does not matter if you have had a change of heart on a topic. It doesn’t not matter if you previously believed something was right and now you don’t.

Just know that you are de-evolving, or you are evolving and it is easy to achieve both as we are all magical beings after all.

Love and light


About the Author Kim Bradley

I am an educator.

I love being in front of an audience, whether its online or in person, sharing the many truths I have come to learn. There is nothing more thrilling than a client coming to me seeking change. When I tune in to their desires, I see an endless number of pathways that they can take, all leading towards a blueprint of their best selves.

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