CONGRATULATIONS to our 25 new Modern Energy Tappers who have completed the Foundation course in November 2022.

We covered the course over 4 weeks, doing a unit per week, with homework in between to fully develop confidence in using tapping for self-help.

We had such a lot of fun and many evolutions and ah-ha moments along the way.

The group stayed in touch via a What’s App group and shared their experiences of using tapping in their day-to-day life.  One member used it to help her pass her Motorbike exam, another to help her fly on her own to visit family, another helped her daughter when she was feeling poorly, and one member used it to help her night-time insomnia to great success. It was wonderful to see everyone celebrating their wins and raising the energy even further.

Everyone loved the exercises and especially enjoyed bringing in animal and nature energy and sharing their experience of that within the group.

It was truly wonderful to see how everyone progressed with the technique and I feel that if any of these ladies decide to move on to the Professional level, they will become exceptional practitioners and will be of great support to each other no doubt.

The next Modern Energy Tapping Foundation workshop is live, online on 28th January and there are 8 places remaining.

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