CONGRATULATIONS to my 7 amazing students who have completed the Modern Energy Tapping Foundation course in February 2023.

The day was highly energising and supportive of one another. I am so proud of Diana, Georgie, Karin, Lucinda, Mo, Sally and Talat.

Diana said: “My energy body feels like it’s got a column of strength going through it and Kim’s energy is really infectious.  I want to take this further and do the Professional Qualification as I know this will help me on all kinds of levels as well as having the confidence to help others”.

Georgie said: “I feel like I’m buzzing!”

Karin said: “I realised I started on a very low energy and now I feel I am on a high.  I feel a real shift of my energy”.

Lucinda said: “I loved doing this in one full day and it has consolidated my understanding. I got so many experiences, insights, and shifts”.

Mo said: “I feel grateful and blessed that I’ve had this experience. I was surprised that it delved deeper into how I can help others with this technique, as well as myself. The change is instant and I felt a real difference in my energy flow”.

Sally said: “I loved the day and enjoyed it even more than I thought I would. I can see how this can integrate with my Bowen practice and look forward to helping my family and my clients”.

Talat said: “I feel younger! I feel like it’s taken years, decades even, off me!  The course was paced really well. I have loved the visual insights that have come with the tapping, that’s been delightful. I enjoyed learning about having some space between me and my past or future aspects”.

We all felt so blessed to have this quality time together and much energy was raised, and healing given.

Several of the group already feel ready to take this further and I am excited for the journey they are on.

Love to all, Kim x

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