CONGRATULATIONS to my four Modern Energy Tapping Students who have completed the Professional Qualification course in March 2023.

The three days were transformational, highly energising and supportive of one another. I am so proud of Hannah, Karin, Moira and Suzanne.

Hannah said: “I have loved reconnecting with my roots as I’ve had a spiritual upbringing and it’s easy to forget just how impactful these techniques are.  It was a good reminder to use what I know for myself and my healing journey. I had a lot of learnings on the course which I am very grateful for, especially the Business Entity exercise and working on my relationship with my business which I am looking forward to exploring more”.

Karin said: “I loved the course, especially as I am new to Modern Energy. I loved the break-out room exercises.  Kim, thank you very much because you look so happy and energised all the time that you are good example for all of us”.

Moira said: “I really enjoyed the course and loved working with everyone in the partner exercises.  I feel I’ve learned a lot and will be a lot more confident with the technique now. I was amazed at how much I could feel the energy from a distance, and it brings it all into perspective.”

Suzanne said: “I really enjoyed the course and it’s been a great 3 days. I loved the group we were in. I love the focus on the Energy body and that’s it not just tapping and saying words, it’s so much more than that.”

We all felt so blessed to have this quality time together and much energy was raised, and healing given.

Love to all, Kim x

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