CONGRATULATIONS to my 3 Modern Energy Tapping students who have completed the Modern Energy Tapping Foundation course in January 2023.

The day was highly energising and supportive of one another. I am so proud of Hannah, Mazz and Pat.

Pat said “the course was enlightening, and I feel calmer and under control.  I have more energy to look at things from a different perception and grow as an individual”.

Mazz said “It’s quite amazing that there is an ability to instantly shift from one state to another and to raise awareness. I felt I knew this in theory, but to be able to experience it so quickly has been pretty amazing”.

Hannah said “This was a reminder and a feeling of coming home to my energy roots and a reminder of what we are all capable of. The ability to change our emotional state is natural and has been there always, but it is a reminder to get out of the physical and remember we are energy beings as well”.

We all felt so blessed to have this quality time together and much energy was raised and healing given.

Several of the group already feel ready to take this further and I am excited for the journey they are on.

Love to all, Kim x

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