CONGRATULATIONS to my 2 amazing students who have completed the Modern Energy Tapping Foundation course in April 2023.

The day was highly energising and supportive of one another. I am so proud of Katy and Lisa as they both really got the techniques shared.  Sometimes we can go so much deeper with a small group.

Katy said: “The day has been so good and I am amazed at how quick the impact is.

I thought it would be something I would need to practice and hone before I noticed anything but immediately, from the first tapping, I felt different, I felt an effect.  

Kim’s teaching is really clear and thorough with lots of opportunities to practice. It’s been a really, really good day”.

Lisa said: “The day has been absolutely wonderful. It showed me that sometimes having less knowledge makes energy work easier and better because I realised that all I need is ‘intention and an open mind’.  

Where your mind goes, energy flows. I realised the simpler we keep it the better really. When I started letting knowledge of the meridians that I’ve learnt before get in the way it was like a block or a side track to just feeling the energy with the intention.  

I’ve really enjoyed it and I’ve learnt lots and I’m looking forward to putting it into practice”.

We all felt so blessed to have this quality time together and much energy was raised, and healing given.

I believe this group will make excellent MET Practitioners and I am excited for the journey they are on.

Love to all, Kim x

Next Modern Energy Tapping Foundation training is 20th May.

Next Modern Energy Tapping Practitioner training is 2nd, 3rd, 4th June

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