I was asked today why we do not allow caffeine in the 21 day Purify program when other detoxes this person has done allows it.

Here’s my answer

The program is about lifestyle change. Not only helping to heal the gut, but also changing our eating and drinking habits, mindfulness and light exercise.

Having an understanding of how your body reacts to addictive substances like caffeine, alcohol, sugar and processed foods is part of the healing journey. And observing what your body is like without that stimulation is important. Can your body produce its own energy or ability to relax without 'pick me ups' or 'soothe me downs'.

Whilst caffeine can have many positive effects, there is also some evidence that it can create adrenal fatigue, especially if people are heavily relying on.

Part of the process of healing the gut is to heal the hormonal signals the body is producing. To build oxytocin, reduce cortisol, reduce insulin and balance sex hormones. Other hormones come in to play as well like serotonin and melatonin that may also be adversely affected by stimulants.

Therefore, the positive effects of coming off caffeine for 3 weeks is great on a mental and physical level and why we recommend it as part of the holistic approach to gut health.

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