Feeding you 'the human', and your microbiome.

Biome Shake is one of the five supplements in the 30 day Purify programme and is taken twice a day during days 6-12.

People say that they feel so well nourished when taking this protein shake and that will be because it contains a large number of vitamins, minerals, fibre and beneficial fats, alongside 22 grams of high quality vegetable protein.

The purpose of the shake during Purify is to support your gut health with fermentable fibres that create the right environment in the gut for good bacteria to flourish.

Inside your intestines is a mucosal lining that protects your intestinal wall and is the perfect habitat for friendly bacteria to make their home. In fact some friendly bacteria encourage you to make a stronger mucosal barrier as part of the function they provide for you.

Taking probiotics without creating the right environment is not going to give you the same desired results. Imagine planting new seeds in your garden but not providing the right conditions for them to germinate and grow. Like throwing them on a concrete driveway for example.

Sadly, diet, stress, toxicity, medication, and environment has put pressure on this important barrier and when it weakens and becomes thin or not present at all, negative bacteria can take a foothold and cause gut permeability by breaking the delicate chains that hold the walls of our intestinal cells together.

Therefore, feeding you the human and feeding your microbiome with prebiotics and rebuilding your mucosal lining is an integral part of the Purification system.

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