Being worried about your digestive health must be one of the biggest drains of energy, and not simply because you are going too frequently or nowhere near enough.

It's the underlying feeling that you know something is wrong but don't know how to solve it along with the likelihood that you are not absorbing enough nutrients. It's stressful when you need to look out for toilets or because you wish you could go in one and have a relaxing time of it!

Fibre is one thing that nature can provide us to help create calm in the digestive process but when your bowels are feeling itchy and scratchy, then whole plant fibres can be simply too much. Not to mention that you may be deplete of the right types of bacteria to digest it.

One of the five supplements in the 30 day Purify Programme helps to solve this complex issue by proving soluble fibre. A type of fibre that is much easier to digest and can improve digestion.

Biome DT has key components that:

  • Detoxifies, cleanses, and balances the microbiome
  • Lubricates the digestive tract to facilitate contaminant elimination
  • Activates enzymes to target contaminants
  • Aids healthy bacteria with pH balancing fermentable fibre
  • Supports healing of the digestive lining with L-glutamine

What we do is build you up for 5 days with lots of probiotics to get your body set to digest the soluble fibre so that you can begin to reap the benefits and feel your stress levels reducing as your bowels breathe a sigh of relief.

To see how your digestive health is fairing, take my free health check. It will tell you if your digestion and intestines are currently poor, below average, good or very good. You can take the health check by clicking this link - successwith/kim/health-check

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