Biome DT

Biome DT utilises three distinct pathways to provide breakthrough purification, by activating detoxification, cleansing with fibre to eliminate toxins and balancing the microbiome.

This formula was developed at the Hughes Center for Research & Innovation, based at Synergy HQ.

The great thing about Biome DT is that it kick starts purification in three ways – detoxification, cleansing and microbiome balancing.


Activates enzymes and genes to eliminate heavy metals and other toxins at a cellular level.  Both Broccoli and L-Glutamine detoxify and help reduce intestinal inflammation


Cleans, lubricates and soothes the digestive lining with soluble, insoluble, and fermentable fibers.  It lubricates and supports the digestive system.  And it supports healthy elimination through both urine and bowels.


To help balance the Microbiome, it contains inulin, a soluble fiber that feeds healthy microflora as well as glutamine for gut lining repair.  The ingredients balance gut pH to support the beneficial bacteria.