I've worked in the physical health world for about 25 years, initially as a massage therapist. I don't know how many bodies I have massaged over the years but at no point did I consider I was massaging anything other than a human!

It wasn't until 2016 that I first learnt about the 90% of us. The hidden world we carry around with us that make up a huge part of our lives. I have to say I was shocked! And I think there are a lot of therapists out there that still don't really understand the function of our microbiome.

You see, we are a superorganism. A collection of species, living side-by-side and cooperatively running our body (when balanced correctly). We make up 21,000 gene expressions and our microbiome make up a further 4.4 million gene expressions! By this count we are actually only half a percent human!

Your gut is host to 100 trillion imposter cells hitching a ride with you and if they didn't have a function, your immune system would work hard to kick them out.

So what is the function? Well that's what I've been exploring for the last 6 years and how I have come to be an expert in helping people through gut restoration and total transformation.

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Perhaps the clues to feeling better are not in the cells of your human body!

PS I don't do massage anymore. I retired from it a few years ago 🙂 

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