Human Beings are Magnificent

Human beings are magnificent, we are so much more than just skin, bones and organs. We have a complex energy system that connects us to our highest self, grounds us and acts as our emotional barometer. We also have an invisible world called our microbiome that has its own functions that are essential for our health and for life.


Mind, body and soul is, in actual fact, mind, body, emotions, energy, soul and microbiome.

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Health is a continuum.

It is the result of the daily choices we make, not the occasional good or bad day.

Let me help you build a solid health foundation with the right daily choices for your unique needs.

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My Courses

I love training Modern Energy as people see such incredible results straight away.

Modern Energy Tapping

Modern Energy Tapping, like its predecessor Classic EFT, teaches you skills about gaining emotional freedom from negative or low energy states, but this updated method is also applicable for creating high-energy states suitable for goal setting, inspiration, creativity and more.

The Modern Energy Tapping Foundation is a live training online that is powerfully focused on healing yourself.  

Modern Stress Management

Modern Stress Management Professional is a practitioner training, over 2 days. It is recommended for people who would like to help people go from Stress to Success.

Successful practioners will achieve a licence to train Modern Stress Management Foundation and Custom Programs.

Modern Energy Tapping

Once you have attended the pre-requisite Foundation course, you can certify with the Modern Energy Tapping Professional course.

An evolutionary and transformative course, it takes you on a journey of learning and skills development to bring clients to the Healing Event quickly with grace and ease!

Delivering clarity to all the different modalities of Energy Tapping, with each module building and bridging on another, from treatment flow to protocols to relationships and solutions.

All things Microbiome and Gut Health

Click the video to watch a 30 minute deep dive into why YOU might be experiencing health issues, and how your gut may hold the key to a healthier life.

Kind words from those I have worked with.

We all know our body right!

Well mine was tired, uncomfortable, injured and at times painful.

After working with Kim, I am less bloated, clothes less tight and just feel clearer. I received recipe suggestions and tips with daily emails to keep me on track.

I’ve lost ½ stone, dropped a clothing size, but more importantly for me - I've been sleeping deeper for a minimum 8 hours, feel more energy and my stomach symptoms have gone.


Genuine results!

Just a big thank you to Kim for supporting me through the Purify programme.

All this really means is that my psoriasis is under control, as are my unhealthy food and drink cravings, bloating and get this... Joint pain!

I have been able to run every other day without an attack of the yawns in the afternoons, faster and further than in a long while.

Whatever your niggles and issues, I recommend a chat with Kim to take the survey and find how you might improve too.

I had the privilege and pleasure of working with Kim for the 21 day gut cleanse programme. From the exploration call, I knew Kim would be the best person to guide myself and my husband through the journey. She made us feel that the process would be holistically meeting our needs for the particular concerns we had as individuals.

Throughout the programme, Kim was consistently available responding to all queries no matter how big or small. She understood the emotional and physical impact of the gut cleanse and was able to provide continuous meaningful support.

We very much have loved working with Kim and would highly recommend her, thank you so much Kim!


More testimonials

Thank you so much. Never really got my head around tapping before (and I have had a fair few people try to teach me / encourage me to do it!); your way certainly resonated with me, and I am excited about tapping for business, as well as for emotional, physical and spiritual health!

With gratitude and blessings,

Callie Di Nello

Kim this has been an amazing experience one I will treasure, and I can help so many people in the job I do. I couldn't be more grateful 🙏 thank you ever so much and you didn't make it complicated as for me I have a disability.

It was absolutely perfect. Thank you ever so much ❤️ xx

Rachael Collins

Kim, you have such dynamic energy, it radiates through the Zoom box!

Wow, this was such an enjoyable, well paced and nicely interactive four week course. Perfectly timed for me too, as I was able to test the process 3 week in with a much anticipated trip that involved airports and a forign country! I was 'super anxious', as I would be traveling alone for the first time in years!  

What happened? I tapped my way into the most amazing mini-trip! Nothing phased me, I maintained a great calm, and had enough energy to make the most of every precious moment.  Aided most definitely by the knowledge, skills and practical experiences I had gained by doing this training. Kim is such a fantastic guide.

So, if you're curious, go for it. You have nothing to lose and more than you can imagine to gain, it definitely helped me to have my +10 trip for 2022!

Sarah Blanchard

Thank you Kim for the most wonderful Modern Energy Tapping Foundational Course.

I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of this course. You teach with such passion for MET and it flowed so nice and easily.

I have had such an abundance of energy and great results from learning this technique with you. My biggest achievements being confidence through the roof for my business ongoing, plus passing my test and getting my motorbike license - which I couldn’t have done without your help with tapping to calm my nerves.

I can’t wait to do the next level with you in 2023, as I know this technique is going to help so many clients next year, I’m so excited to be sharing it with them.

Thank you so much

Lucy Howe

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Watch some of the many inspiring stories of people transformed using the Purify Program

My Blog


I am an educator.

I love being in front of an audience, whether its online or in person, sharing the many truths I have come to learn. There is nothing more thrilling than a client coming to me seeking change. When I tune in to their desires, I see an endless number of pathways that they can take, all leading towards a blueprint of their best selves.

I have two big passions in human wellness; gut health and emotional transformation. Both work side by side as our gut affects our emotions and our emotions affect our gut.